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ABN Newswire is an accredited news dissemination company that offers a full suite of Investor and Media Relations services that connects with regulatory press release dissemination and disclosure requirements, including EDGAR and SEDAR. ABN Newswire also offers Multilanguage services and, as the market leader in Asia, provides companies looking to increase brand awareness or attract new investors with an unprecedented level of visibility and distribution into the Greater Asia region. ABN uses state-of-the-art Press Release, Video and Multi-media “push technology”; and works with a global network of media partners to reach financial and market information systems globally. Our partners are the world’s leading information providers including Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters and Dow Jones.


ABN Newswire(亚洲财经新闻)是一家全球领先的通信技术公司。通过在互联网上进行发布以及出版,并通过专业的网络数据库和财经新闻发布平台, 亚洲财经新闻可以有效地将各上市公司的企业以及金融视频,新闻及资讯以多语言的方式直接传达给全球各大金融媒体和投资者。历经多年尖端软件的开发,亚洲财经新闻已经以多语言的方式与各大新闻媒体和社交媒介紧密结合。亚洲财经新闻被彭博(Bloomberg)、汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)、道琼斯(Dow Jones)Factiva等认可为全球首屈一指的财经新闻机构,将文字和视频直接送达投资者的电子设备。



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