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Mark Faulkner

Vice President, Listings & Regulation

Mark is responsible for rule development and the ongoing regulation of the CSE. As Vice President, Listings & Regulation of the CSE, Mark is also responsible for the review of Listing Applications and Listed Company compliance with the CSE Policies. Prior to joining the CSE in 2003, Mark had a 14 year career at the Toronto Stock Exchange and Market Regulation Services ("RS") in both trading services and regulatory positions. As Manager of Investigations in Market Surveillance, responsibilities encompassed various regulatory matters, including Internet Surveillance, market investigations and insider trading reviews. Mark played the primary role in the development and implementation of automated market maker performance systems, introduced the use of link analysis in Market Surveillance Investigations, and developed the Closing Report for TSX participants. Mark has studied market surveillance and investigative practices and procedures through the Ontario Securities Commission, the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Training Institute. While at RS, he served as Chairman of the Surveillance Practices subgroup of the Intermarket Surveillance Group ("ISG"), an international group representing more than 30 exchanges around the world.