Cansortium Inc.

Cansortium is a medical cannabis company operating in highly populous medical cannabis markets with a mission to deliver the highest standards of cannabis care from nursery to lab to shelf. Headquartered in Miami, FL and operating in Florida under the Fluent™ Cannabis Care brand (formerly Knox Medical), the Company operates in Florida, Texas and Pennsylvania, and has partnered with a license-holder in Michigan. The Company also has licensed cultivation facilities in Colombia and Canada.


Marble Financial Inc.

Marble Financial is a group of forward-thinking financial technology experts that understand Canadian’s occasionally need help in achieving longer-term credit health. Through our industry-leading proprietary technology solutions Fast Track Loan, Score-Up, and Credit Meds, we guide our customers back to mainstream credit 50% quicker than traditional methods. Since 2016, We are proud to have empowered thousands of Canadians to a positive financial future and continue to establish ourselves as a leader in financial wellness.


Vireo Health International Inc.

Vireo is one of America's leading multi-state cannabis companies. Vireo is a physician-led, science-focused organization, dedicated to providing patients with best-in-class quality cannabis-based products and customer experience. Vireo cultivates cannabis in environmentally-friendly greenhouses, manufactures pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts, and sells its products at both company-owned and third-party dispensaries.


Orchid Ventures Inc.

Orchid Ventures is a cannabis innovation company with three primary business arms. Orchid Essentials is a cannabis brand with products sold in over 150 dispensaries in California and Oregon and is also a licensing platform for other manufacturers to license the brand in other states and countries. PurTec Delivery Systems is the first vaporizer manufacturer to feature products that are all emissions tested at AFNOR standards making them the highest tested cannabis vaporizers on the market.


Blackhawk Growth Corp.

Blackhawk Growth Corp. is a growing public investment fund located in Calgary, AB. Blackhawk drives its growth by investing in equity and debt instruments of companies and generating positive returns with minimal risk for shareholders. The company's strategy is focused on investing in multiple companies across a variety of sectors across North America.


VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp.

VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (VSBLTY) a son siège à Philadelphie. Proactive Digital Display ™ de VSBLTY transforme les espaces commerciaux et publics ainsi que les réseaux multimédias locaux avec un logiciel de mesure d'audience et de sécurité basé sur SaaS, utilisant l'intelligence artificielle et l'apprentissage automatique.


Cannabis One Holdings Inc.

Cannabis One Holdings Inc. (CSE : CBIS) is focused on aggregating and optimizing popular cannabis brands throughout North America. With its unique, franchise-ready retail brand, The JointTM, and through targeted acquisition and partnership opportunities, Cannabis One intends to become the premier, globally-recognized, “House of Brands”, holding a client portfolio of award-winning products with an extensive market footprint.